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Our body divine

Earlier this week we visited the Body World Vital exhibition here in Cape Town. The technical expertise is mind-bugling. The creative vision and the love for the human body and mind are palpable. I walked away with a deep feeling of respect for the intricacies of my body and mind; the awesomeness of being; the infallible […]


Reflexions, Spiritual legacies

New inspiration from old friends

I’ve always loved reading and over the decades I gathered my own little library, filled with books I thought were worth their money. I love the feel of them, their weight (although I couldn’t live without my kindle) and the constant reminder of the wisdom, adventures, pains and victories of their main characters as they […]

Peace in my money house

I have felt quite intimidated over the last few months by events and circumstances beyond my control. I think the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger and sadness overwhelmed and paralyzed me to a point. Allow me to name a few: The beautiful, promising teenager raped and murdered right around the corner in our beautiful, peaceful […]

Resolutions or self-inflicted punishment?

That clean slate at the beginning of a new year is way too attractive to pass up. Like many other years before, this year so many things went wrong, were not up to snuff, could have been better, or were stricken off the agenda, period. I want to make all those feelings of guilt and […]

Taking charge of your life is not a root canal

I bought “Dark Star Safari” by Paul Theroux as my reading material for the long flight from Seattle to Cape Town end of October last year. It has taken me this long to finish it. It is full of confirmations as small parts of my life from the UN and NGO years in the 90’s resurfaced […]

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