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Are you financially outdated?

Imagine! Only a short 30 years ago the Commodore 64 was the latest in personal computer land!! Who still owns a VCR? Or a cell phone that only makes and takes phone calls? Other areas have evolved at the same speed over the last few decades: the medical field, travel, adventure travel, food, careers, China, […]

We are more than a fistful of money

Money for many of us is the real decision-maker in life. Everything we do, think, decide, plan for, is based on money. Has the incessant barrage on our money by all forms of media stunted some other aspects of us? Is it time to rethink some of our patterns? A few weeks ago I watched a […]

Taking charge of your life is not a root canal

I bought “Dark Star Safari” by Paul Theroux as my reading material for the long flight from Seattle to Cape Town end of October last year. It has taken me this long to finish it. It is full of confirmations as small parts of my life from the UN and NGO years in the 90’s resurfaced […]

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