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Healthy Sense of Self

From my book shelves I met Antoinetta Vogels in 1997 in Ithaca NY and we’ve been friends ever since. For years she suffered from insomnia, but didn’t believe in medication as a cure. After some time and many sleepless nights she figured out that maybe there was something in the back of her mind, her […]

Peace in my money house

I have felt quite intimidated over the last few months by events and circumstances beyond my control. I think the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger and sadness overwhelmed and paralyzed me to a point. Allow me to name a few: The beautiful, promising teenager raped and murdered right around the corner in our beautiful, peaceful […]

Money gridlock

Gridlock: a type of traffic jam where continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill. Being stuck in traffic is such a waste of time. You just sit there. You have places to go but you’re completely stuck! You want the wind in […]


Money and you, Money Whispers

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

For twenty months now I have been learning and practicing the art of oil painting. I took a fantastic class last year and this year is dedicated to applying all that theoretical wisdom and finding my way around. At the beginning of the course I expected to be smearing paint on a canvass right away […]

A retreat for you and your money

We are led to believe by the media, merchants, and the world of electronics that we constantly have to be on a ‘high’ and happy, happy. If we’re not, something is horribly wrong with us. The reality is that a ‘high’ is only possible when it is offset by a low. Peaks are peaks because […]

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