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A thing of beauty is a joy forever

For twenty months now I have been learning and practicing the art of oil painting. I took a fantastic class last year and this year is dedicated to applying all that theoretical wisdom and finding my way around. At the beginning of the course I expected to be smearing paint on a canvass right away […]

A retreat for you and your money

We are led to believe by the media, merchants, and the world of electronics that we constantly have to be on a ‘high’ and happy, happy. If we’re not, something is horribly wrong with us. The reality is that a ‘high’ is only possible when it is offset by a low. Peaks are peaks because […]

Are you financially outdated?

Imagine! Only a short 30 years ago the Commodore 64 was the latest in personal computer land!! Who still owns a VCR? Or a cell phone that only makes and takes phone calls? Other areas have evolved at the same speed over the last few decades: the medical field, travel, adventure travel, food, careers, China, […]

Financial lingo in the personal growth arena

Is your personal growth portfolio well diversified? Do you intend to invest in your Master Life Plan this year? Have you made a 5, 10, and 20 year forecast for your personal wealth? What is the forecast for the Return Of Investment in your Self this year? How are your spiritual growth shares performing? Is […]

We are more than a fistful of money

Money for many of us is the real decision-maker in life. Everything we do, think, decide, plan for, is based on money. Has the incessant barrage on our money by all forms of media stunted some other aspects of us? Is it time to rethink some of our patterns? A few weeks ago I watched a […]

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