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Healthy Sense of Self

From my book shelves I met Antoinetta Vogels in 1997 in Ithaca NY and we’ve been friends ever since. For years she suffered from insomnia, but didn’t believe in medication as a cure. After some time and many sleepless nights she figured out that maybe there was something in the back of her mind, her […]

Peace in my money house

I have felt quite intimidated over the last few months by events and circumstances beyond my control. I think the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger and sadness overwhelmed and paralyzed me to a point. Allow me to name a few: The beautiful, promising teenager raped and murdered right around the corner in our beautiful, peaceful […]

Resolutions or self-inflicted punishment?

That clean slate at the beginning of a new year is way too attractive to pass up. Like many other years before, this year so many things went wrong, were not up to snuff, could have been better, or were stricken off the agenda, period. I want to make all those feelings of guilt and […]

Financial lingo in the personal growth arena

Is your personal growth portfolio well diversified? Do you intend to invest in your Master Life Plan this year? Have you made a 5, 10, and 20 year forecast for your personal wealth? What is the forecast for the Return Of Investment in your Self this year? How are your spiritual growth shares performing? Is […]

We are more than a fistful of money

Money for many of us is the real decision-maker in life. Everything we do, think, decide, plan for, is based on money. Has the incessant barrage on our money by all forms of media stunted some other aspects of us? Is it time to rethink some of our patterns? A few weeks ago I watched a […]

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