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Our true wealth

Once the Money Whisperer, always the Money Whisperer. As I moved to another continent 10 years ago, my angle on money hasn’t changed. It rather expanded, influenced by different circumstances. Through my oil painting group I met Butterfly Art Project, (BAP) , an NGO in a nearby township called Vrygrond.  They provide art therapy […]

Resolutions or self-inflicted punishment?

That clean slate at the beginning of a new year is way too attractive to pass up. Like many other years before, this year so many things went wrong, were not up to snuff, could have been better, or were stricken off the agenda, period. I want to make all those feelings of guilt and […]

Show your worth

All the talk about the fiscal abyss and the possible threats to Social Security made me realize how vulnerable most of us are, especially seniors who stand to lose part of their basic (and often the only) means of survival. Because women tend to live longer than men our vulnerability will last longer. Overall not much […]


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The emotional 401K

People in the work force, if they get lucky, are invited to participate in the corporate 401K program. Everybody does it, so they do it. The investment world uses rosy pictures and fear to convince people to take that route. And besides, nobody in their right mind would let the contribution of the employer go to […]

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