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The Money Whispering process and why it is so beautiful:


Remember the Dog Whisperer?

He shows up when the relationship between pets and owners has gone horribly wrong. The dog doesn’t want to behave. It barks, bites, pulls on the leash, destroys toys and furniture; the owner is desperate, unhappy, stressed, at wits’ end. The Dog Whisperer comes in, listens to both parties and everybody goes to work to rebuild that relationship and enjoy the envisioned harmony.

Money Whispering works exactly the same.

Look at how much has changed in the Economy (with a capital E) and in your own financial neighborhood. Your circumstances and priorities also change as you go through life. Your money management should follow, but it doesn’t always, and all of a sudden your money is doing its own thing, yanking your chain, going out of bound, constantly acting up, leading you away from the original plans you had for you and your life, causing you stress and unhappiness to say the least.

Money Whispering means taking a good look at what is happening between you and your money. The goal is to reopen productive communication between you and your money and bring  the two of you back together again. You re-align your life with your money so you can build wealth and harmony.

Money coaching in general is designed to function as a guide through the maze towards financial peace of mind, to keep you focused, and to minimize the agony. It has its difficult and painful moments, yes, but imagine when you discover for yourself

-how much power you have over your money

-the surprise when it doesn’t yank your chain anymore

-the relief when you see your new-found attitude towards money work for you

-the delight when your money obeys and supports you

-the incredible sense of freedom






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