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Marielle Higler

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“Showing Up for The Golden Years”

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I wrote this book out of anger and angst.

Showing up for the golden years by Marielle HiglerOne morning when I woke up, a single woman in midlife in the first years of the 21st century in the USA, I finally faced the realization that my ‘retirement planning’ was not really going to live up to my expectations. What had happened? What to do? Where to turn? How to secure me? What about purpose and meaning, productivity and quality of life? What was I going to do with the next 25-30 years of my life? What do I want? What matters?

When I didn’t get any clever answers I knew it was time for some drastic action.
I decided to simply walk away from my life. I closed my company, packed up the apartment, gave away plants and cat and drove south.

A sign by the road told me to buckle up. I did!

For almost two years I researched all the possible angles of this transition. To name just a few

  • Gender emancipation
  • Women in history
  • Family life
  • Nurturing in the 21st century and who pays for it
  • Finances to last a lifetime
  • Long term planning on fixed retirement income in today’s economy
  • Longevity
  • All the positive aspects Baby Boomers have at their fingertips to create a livable, meaningful, safe society
  • A twelve-step exercise to flex the forward-thinking muscle

In the end I decided, instead of letting all that work idle on my computer, to give it form and send it out into the world. And voilá! The book was borne.

Showing up for the golden years by Marielle HiglerThe whole world, even the smallest communities and our individual lives have been subject to tremendous changes and unrest since 2008. That makes this book worthwhile not only for women in midlife, but for everybody in transition into life’s Third Age. We have too many precious years left to not make a plan and Baby Boomers collectively have too much knowledge, wisdom, and available man hours to let go to waste.

The book is filled with questions meant to engage you in this interesting process, and lists to trigger your resilience. What does it mean to age and do it gracefully? Is it different from what our parents did? What remained the same? What about our expectations? What is real? What is within reach?

So much! You will see.

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