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Money gridlock

Gridlock: a type of traffic jam where continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill.

Being stuck in traffic is such a waste of time. You just sit there. You have places to go but you’re completely stuck! You want the wind in your hair, the freedom of the road ahead. You want to get from A to B. You want to have the feeling you’re getting somewhere. You have a life to live on the other side of all that traffic.

Of course the Money Whisperer has to compare this to money management and to the feelings of utter frustration (and road rage)some people experience.

Have you driven your finances into a rush hour standstill?

How much time do you spend commuting between paying off debt and charging the card?

How many checking and saving accounts, credit and debit cards travel with you every day?

Can you keep track of your financial goals through the maze of statements?

Is your financial growth in gridlock or on an open freeway?

We tend to blame our money for not being enough, to not grow enough to meet our needs, to play tricks on us every month, but money is just a piece of paper or a plastic card. What rules is the management behind the spending. That’s us!! After all, we make the decisions; we choose how we spend our money. Money just follows our impulses, planning, insight, foresight… or lack thereof.

Traffic jams and gridlock will be part of our lives in the years to come. No easy solutions in sight. Getting out of money gridlock, however, can be as simple as making one phone call. Find a money coach near you. If that’s not possible go to the library and get some books on resolving debt, moving ahead financially, and/or becoming money smart, and read them. Maybe some of them are on tape or audio CD so you can listen while stuck in rush hour traffic.

My whisper for the day:
Find an alternate route for your money management and enjoy the open road ahead.


Posted: August 26, 2015
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever

For twenty months now I have been learning and practicing the art of oil painting. I took a fantastic class last year and this year is dedicated to applying all that theoretical wisdom and finding my way around.

At the beginning of the course I expected to be smearing paint on a canvass right away and voila… but no… the artist’s life is not that simple. Before even considering your first painting you need to know your equipment: canvass, brushes, mediums, paints.
You have already practiced with different brushes and discovered their individual effects. I can tell you right now that it will take me a while to master the science of color mixing, but, I admit, the road to perfection is full of interesting discoveries.
Did you know there are hard and soft edges, not to speak of lost edges? The brain receives signals from the eyes that we completely take for granted or don’t even know about. If you want to create a catchy image you want to intercept those signals, understand what they suggest, and play with them on the canvass.

Each painting begins with choosing a subject and putting it in its most favorable place, so you make a series of rough sketches to ‘see’ your composition from different angles, to place your focal point, to find your lights and darks, your horizon, and of course your color scheme. The rest is just doing it, stick to your plan as much as possible and enjoy the process!!

As the Money Whisperer I have to compare this to personal money management.
If so much effort goes into creating a piece of art, how much time and effort are we willing to invest in our financial well-being? What are the chances that you will come up with a sound composition if you just begin spending without any prep work? How many times do you want to start over after yet another messy attempt?

So…if we assume that you like a pleasing financial picture for yourself that can last you a while, you may need to do some prep work.

-Have you sketched different scenarios before deciding on the best spending plan for you?
-Do you have a focal point (in painting they actually call it ‘golden mean’)
-What do you want to accomplish long term, or in the near future?
-What is important for your happiness?
– What do you need to enjoy financial peace of mind?
-Question your eyes when you look at your spending plan. Are you looking at reality or at a distorted scenario?
-Can you see the hard and soft edges in your spending plan? Any lost edges?
-If your credit and store cards are your brushes, can you visualize the impact of their strokes?
-Will your main color scheme be black or red?

The world of advertising wants us to believe that our happiness or well-being, or contentment if you will, depends on spending money, acquiring things. Granted, it feels good to buy something new, but we are so much more than a fistful of money or a shopping cart full of stuff. Why not pursue happiness that lasts a bit longer than the thrill of shopping for it?


Posted: August 10, 2015
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A retreat for you and your money

We are led to believe by the media, merchants, and the world of electronics that we constantly have to be on a ‘high’ and happy, happy. If we’re not, something is horribly wrong with us.
The reality is that a ‘high’ is only possible when it is offset by a low. Peaks are peaks because they are surrounded by valleys.

Don’t we recognize the valleys? Why can’t we see the beauty of low key?
We’re being swept up by the frenzy. We get bored with the old so very quickly. We want the newest of the newest, the latest version, experience the scariest of adventures, do something that nobody else has done before. We demand all the thrills and our poor money has to get it for us.

My whisper for today is:
Take your money to a nice quiet valley and give both of you a rest.


Posted: January 20, 2015
Topics: long term planning, Money and you, Money Whispers
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Are you financially outdated?

Imagine! Only a short 30 years ago the Commodore 64 was the latest in personal computer land!! Who still owns a VCR? Or a cell phone that only makes and takes phone calls?

Other areas have evolved at the same speed over the last few decades: the medical field, travel, adventure travel, food, careers, China, India, Eastern Europe, Dubai. Merchants, governments, developers, and large corporations all make constant adjustments to get to the money. And the financial world is at the core of all this profiteering so it works hard to stay with the market.

These trends directly affect your money, your financial safety, your future. Don’t kid yourself. If you want to stay afloat or thrive in this turmoil you have to know what you’re doing.

When was the last time you ‘defragged’ your disks? (As if I know what that means, but when a friend did it for me on my computer, it made a world of difference.) Speed, agility, organization, and clarity will keep you light and flexible.

If you compare your approach to handling your money with the different models of the iPhone, which model are you working with?

When was the last time you reviewed your money goals? Are they compatible with today’s economy, banking policies, and your current status?

My whisper for today:
Bring your money management up to speed.


Posted: January 13, 2015
Topics: Couples and Money, long term planning, Money and you, Money Whispers
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Resolutions or self-inflicted punishment?

That clean slate at the beginning of a new year is way too attractive to pass up.
Like many other years before, this year so many things went wrong, were not up to snuff, could have been better, or were stricken off the agenda, period. I want to make all those feelings of guilt and failure go away. So bring on that clean slate.

But is there really a thing like a clean slate and do I really want one? All my pros and cons, hang-ups and talents, successes and failures, stagnation and jumps of the last 12 months won’t stop or go away just because it’s 12/31. That whole mix will come along into the New Year and will claim its place in my resolutions. That’s who I am and I accept that, so this year there will be no punishment, no nagging, no putting myself down; there is no need to improve or change anything. This year for a change I will love and respect the person I have been this last year.
Well done, dear! Keep up the good work!

2015 Here I come!! These are my resolutions for the new year:
– Hans and I have created this lovely relationship. I want more of it.

– We have cleared a path through our possessions and living space. It’s now time to go out into our community and find a worthy cause; our place to be useful. We’re so privileged to have choices and opportunities.

– Our children and grandchildren are living their lives and making their own plans. It’s not stress free, not easy always, but they’re navigating. I remember my own quests and feel rich and content to watch the next generations and be there for them if and when they need me.

– I have tried to lose weight the whole year and nothing. The opposite rather. What makes me think I can change that this coming year? Foolish optimism! Typical end-of-the -year thinking. The best I can do is pay attention to and take good care of me as I move further into this Third Age of life. After all, my mind and body are both fairly new at that. I love Tai Chi and I have always been intrigued by Pilates. I will not stop myself from exploring these options.

– I took classes and practiced my oil painting and love it. I shall paint.

– I love my pencil drawing and sketching, so I’ll do more of that.

– The garden is taking shape but is not done shaping. I will spend time there.

– I will write and vent and hopefully find you there.



Posted: January 6, 2015
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