Peace in my money house

I have felt quite intimidated over the last few months by events and circumstances beyond my control. I think the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger and sadness overwhelmed and paralyzed me to a point.

Allow me to name a few:

The beautiful, promising teenager raped and murdered right around the corner in our beautiful, peaceful dog park/forest. Her life gone, her family changed forever. How hopeless the life of the killers. The disabled people who found pleasure and relief on and with the horses lost the stretch of  land on Brommersvlei they have used for years. Nothing we could do about it.

If I cast the nets out farther:

Migrants flooding Europe; people staying behind in the Middle East facing war, oppression, and crippling poverty; politicians bringing out feelings of hatred, intolerance, violence; greedy governments on all continents; capitalism and its shenanigans to funnel more money in less pockets; the Economy; the job market or the lack thereof; the hydro frackers – knowingly jeopardizing nature and human lives under false pretenses. Elections worldwide, more greed, blind to the real issues at hand and the opportunities to make a difference; the Press on all continents forgetting their true mission.

Power, fame, vanity: too much of a load on the shoulders of mankind. And every day we receive updates on all these topics, every hour, on the hour,  in urgent, hyped up voices, battering us and rubbing in those feelings of impotence, frustration, and sadness. At least that is how I feel it.

I lose all these battles, every day. Never a win. And yet, it’s given to me right now to enjoy my life and carry forward and share my little bit of wisdom, on these pages mostly related to money and what it can do to us, both good and bad.

So, here goes:

The only way I manage to live life in the middle of all this turmoil is by blocking out what is beyond my powers. It brings me back to the very core: my cocoon, me.

The only place where we have the power to do things our way is in that little cocoon: in our very own life, up close and personal.

But we’re not alone there: we share that cocoon with our money. It plays a huge role in what that cocoon looks and feels like.

More reason to have a good look at our money and make it behave!! Money should not be a liability; it’s supposed to support us, make us safe, protect us, and buffer us against outside perils.

That is not the privilege of the rich but of all of us, as long as we have a few nickels to rub together, from a pay check, Social Security, alimony, or even pocket money.

I know this much:

It is within my power to achieve peace in my financial house. Underneath the money madness is strength, relief, safety, protection, and peace.  Don’t let it slip through your fingers because you’re distracted by outside events beyond your control.

Go well!



  1. hans says:

    so true, thanks for throwing this into a confusing world

  2. I want to bring more clarity and simplicity in issues that burden us all day every day.  I hope my thoughts are helpful to you.

  3. Helena says:

    You have expressed my thoughts so el0quently.  Thank you.

  4. Thanks for such needed jolt making one rethink the true value of money. So well said, too!
    One tends to take money matters not always seriously enough until it runs out.
    Thumbs up for the Money Whispeter!

  5. Great jolt to ones mind! One doesn’t always take money matters seriously enough until it runs out. This was so well said! Thanks, Money Whisperer!!

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