Our body divine

Earlier this week we visited the Body World Vital exhibition here in Cape Town.

The technical expertise is mind-bugling. The creative vision and the love for the human body and mind are palpable. I walked away with a deep feeling of respect for the intricacies of my body and mind; the awesomeness of being; the infallible cooperation between all organs and processes without my acute, daily interference; the power to heal itself and to adjust to my surroundings.

I am ashamed of how I have treated my body in the past: as a given, as a pain sometimes, limiting me, not pretty enough, getting older with more work to keep doing what I have been doing for years.

Each one of us is a miracle!!

What genius invented us? Who had the first thought of us? I know the rest can be awarded to evolution, but that first thought had already all the possibilities within.

We are limitless, genial, and with tremendous potential to be kind, smart, deep, generous, and above all careful and respectful with ourselves and each other.

Go well!





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