Healthy Sense of Self

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I met Antoinetta Vogels in 1997 in Ithaca NY and we’ve been friends ever since.

For years she suffered from insomnia, but didn’t believe in medication as a cure. After some time and many sleepless nights she figured out that maybe there was something in the back of her mind, her subconscious, that wanted her attention. Because she instinctively pushed those thoughts away during the awake hours, they  waited till nighttime and kept her awake to get her attention then. And they did. Through a long, assiduous process she developed the Healthy Sense of Self Theory:

the most important relationship in life, no matter if we’re rich or poor, smart or not, black or blue, is the relationship with our Self, with who we are deep down inside, with who we were borne to be.

It sounds so simple and for some of us it is, but not so for everybody. In her book Healthy Sense of Self, How To Be True To Yourself and Make Your World a Better Place!  she describes and makes us aware of the many instances our choices can become opportunities for personal growth.

Personal growth usually means looking at ourselves in the mirror and realizing what is going on before we can make the necessary changes to adjust our direction. Sometimes it means we have to let go of old behaviors and notions that have served us at some point, but have lost their desired effect. Maybe we have outgrown them or maybe the world around us has changed and has proved them invalid and/or obsolete.  These changes are often the bottleneck in the whole process. They force us to step outside our comfort zone which makes us feel vulnerable. Our first reaction is to shy away from the whole idea.

I love this book and the Theory behind it because in many ways it runs parallel with the Money Whispering process. If we make money decisions without our core mission in mind, we get lost in spending money on superficial matters and fleeting thrills.

Just for fun write down all your expenditures today, or this week if you feel ambitious, and in a calm moment analyse them and ask yourself which one served your most inner purpose. Add up how much you could have saved in one day or one week and weigh that against the joy you received from spending your money the way you did.

Awareness and personal growth is what this book is all about: creating more self-confidence and self-respect, becoming aware of what works for you, finding your unique flow and going with it. Once you sense your Self, your money will fall into step with you.

Go well!

The Money Whisperer




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