A thing of beauty is a joy forever

For twenty months now I have been learning and practicing the art of oil painting. I took a fantastic class last year and this year is dedicated to applying all that theoretical wisdom and finding my way around.

At the beginning of the course I expected to be smearing paint on a canvass right away and voila… but no… the artist’s life is not that simple. Before even considering your first painting you need to know your equipment: canvass, brushes, mediums, paints.
You have already practiced with different brushes and discovered their individual effects. I can tell you right now that it will take me a while to master the science of color mixing, but, I admit, the road to perfection is full of interesting discoveries.
Did you know there are hard and soft edges, not to speak of lost edges? The brain receives signals from the eyes that we completely take for granted or don’t even know about. If you want to create a catchy image you want to intercept those signals, understand what they suggest, and play with them on the canvass.

Each painting begins with choosing a subject and putting it in its most favorable place, so you make a series of rough sketches to ‘see’ your composition from different angles, to place your focal point, to find your lights and darks, your horizon, and of course your color scheme. The rest is just doing it, stick to your plan as much as possible and enjoy the process!!

As the Money Whisperer I have to compare this to personal money management.
If so much effort goes into creating a piece of art, how much time and effort are we willing to invest in our financial well-being? What are the chances that you will come up with a sound composition if you just begin spending without any prep work? How many times do you want to start over after yet another messy attempt?

So…if we assume that you like a pleasing financial picture for yourself that can last you a while, you may need to do some prep work.

-Have you sketched different scenarios before deciding on the best spending plan for you?
-Do you have a focal point (in painting they actually call it ‘golden mean’)
-What do you want to accomplish long term, or in the near future?
-What is important for your happiness?
– What do you need to enjoy financial peace of mind?
-Question your eyes when you look at your spending plan. Are you looking at reality or at a distorted scenario?
-Can you see the hard and soft edges in your spending plan? Any lost edges?
-If your credit and store cards are your brushes, can you visualize the impact of their strokes?
-Will your main color scheme be black or red?

The world of advertising wants us to believe that our happiness or well-being, or contentment if you will, depends on spending money, acquiring things. Granted, it feels good to buy something new, but we are so much more than a fistful of money or a shopping cart full of stuff. Why not pursue happiness that lasts a bit longer than the thrill of shopping for it?


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