A retreat for you and your money

We are led to believe by the media, merchants, and the world of electronics that we constantly have to be on a ‘high’ and happy, happy. If we’re not, something is horribly wrong with us.
The reality is that a ‘high’ is only possible when it is offset by a low. Peaks are peaks because they are surrounded by valleys.

Don’t we recognize the valleys? Why can’t we see the beauty of low key?
We’re being swept up by the frenzy. We get bored with the old so very quickly. We want the newest of the newest, the latest version, experience the scariest of adventures, do something that nobody else has done before. We demand all the thrills and our poor money has to get it for us.

My whisper for today is:
Take your money to a nice quiet valley and give both of you a rest.


  1. Joanne Weiss says:

     You give out very good advice…. glad to read it; glad to know what a good  & wise person you are to know and share your sound advice. I still look at your book, and my friends still comment on how helpful those ideas have been to them. ( I have some extra copies to get to a few libraries around here and to friends of yours in the USA if you want them sent from here.)

  2. Thank you, Joanne.
    I am thrilled to hear that the topics in the book are still topic of conversation in your world. As time progresses I’m finding that the discussions become more and more important if we want to find pleasing solutions. And yes, please, donate the books you still have to libraries, organizations, groups who may benefit.

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