Resolutions or self-inflicted punishment?

That clean slate at the beginning of a new year is way too attractive to pass up.
Like many other years before, this year so many things went wrong, were not up to snuff, could have been better, or were stricken off the agenda, period. I want to make all those feelings of guilt and failure go away. So bring on that clean slate.

But is there really a thing like a clean slate and do I really want one? All my pros and cons, hang-ups and talents, successes and failures, stagnation and jumps of the last 12 months won’t stop or go away just because it’s 12/31. That whole mix will come along into the New Year and will claim its place in my resolutions. That’s who I am and I accept that, so this year there will be no punishment, no nagging, no putting myself down; there is no need to improve or change anything. This year for a change I will love and respect the person I have been this last year.
Well done, dear! Keep up the good work!

2015 Here I come!! These are my resolutions for the new year:
– Hans and I have created this lovely relationship. I want more of it.

– We have cleared a path through our possessions and living space. It’s now time to go out into our community and find a worthy cause; our place to be useful. We’re so privileged to have choices and opportunities.

– Our children and grandchildren are living their lives and making their own plans. It’s not stress free, not easy always, but they’re navigating. I remember my own quests and feel rich and content to watch the next generations and be there for them if and when they need me.

– I have tried to lose weight the whole year and nothing. The opposite rather. What makes me think I can change that this coming year? Foolish optimism! Typical end-of-the -year thinking. The best I can do is pay attention to and take good care of me as I move further into this Third Age of life. After all, my mind and body are both fairly new at that. I love Tai Chi and I have always been intrigued by Pilates. I will not stop myself from exploring these options.

– I took classes and practiced my oil painting and love it. I shall paint.

– I love my pencil drawing and sketching, so I’ll do more of that.

– The garden is taking shape but is not done shaping. I will spend time there.

– I will write and vent and hopefully find you there.



  1. Love the article and agree with creating and focusing more on what we want in our lives.  Definitely brings more joy and actually moves me forward versus staying stuck in the “shoulds”.

  2. Iris says:

    I am taking the clean slate literally. Cleaned out my closet and bookcases, donated most, recycle all I could, and reduced years of stuff down to 2 garbage bags. Yay for me!

    I also have rearranged priority to have writing on the top of the list and have been making some progress on my book.

    When I add the Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live principles to the mix, I encountered difficulty keeping everything up. Wishing I have a personal chef… washing veggies and dishes get old quickly… But eventually I will find a way to make it work.

    With all these and other things in my life, I realized perhaps I had put too many things on my list. It was making me crazy. I can’t be like many of the super human friends, I am a mono-tasker, an old green on black DOS (which only old and nerdy people know), the best way for me is to take one thing at a time.

    Thank you for sharing and giving me a space to share.

  3. Thank you Iris. I love the term mono-tasker. I am too, but never had a word for it. 
    Better to do one thing and do it right than many things from only half your heart. That realization alone will help you prioritize and give you permission to choose your options.

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