We are more than a fistful of money

Money for many of us is the real decision-maker in life. Everything we do, think, decide, plan for, is based on money. Has the incessant barrage on our money by all forms of media stunted some other aspects of us? Is it time to rethink some of our patterns?

A few weeks ago I watched a TV interview with a young Dutch historian, Rutger Bregman about his just-published book: De geschiedenis van de Vooruitgang. (The history of Progress). De Bezige Bij, ISBN: 9023477545.

His research shows that we have an unstoppable urge to grow, explore, and expand and historically we have thrown that energy into The Economy, macro and micro. 

But now that Economy is changing. In the last few years it has become evident that the economic growth we have experienced in the past 40-60 years is not going to occur again in those same proportions. We are happy if it teeters. Luckily, according to Bregman, there is enough ‘stability’ in the economy to secure a basic level of comfort and safety but if we want to experience growth, we should look elsewhere.

I was ecstatic. Such a young guy (not 30 yet) and such logical wisdom!!!

Does this mean we finally can discuss other things than pods and pads, travel, cars or other extravagances?  We are so much more than just a fistful of money. Are we ready to explore and quantify that deeper side of us? 

Interesting times indeed!!


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