The emotional 401K

People in the work force, if they get lucky, are invited to participate in the corporate 401K program. Everybody does it, so they do it. The investment world uses rosy pictures and fear to convince people to take that route. And besides, nobody in their right mind would let the contribution of the employer go to waste, right?

If I remember my younger years correctly, retirement was not on my radar. I had my hands full to create my then everyday life. I did save money for retirement though, without a thought. Money was deducted from my paycheck before I ever saw it. I was never introduced to a personal life plan. I was never encouraged to recognize or create the golden thread through all of my life. What a huge discrepancy!!

Imagine the Emotional 401K and you are the manager.

Every time you make a contribution to your retirement savings, spend a few moments with the purpose of that money and how your life connects to it: 

Why do you put aside that money?

Who do you want to be when you draw from it?

Are you relying on that money alone to bring quality and security to your life or are there other resources you can employ? What more than money is there to YOU that you can capitalize on?

Where are you headed in your life, in career, family, finances, and how about your personal, inner Self?

Are you creating momentum in your life or just swimming around, chasing bait from merchants fishing for your money?


Parallel to your corporate 401K, or IRA, or SEPP, why not design a life plan for you, with all the benchmarks, goals, projected profit margins, performance reports, dividends, windfalls that come with it. Project 5-10-15-20 years into the future and see yourself grow.

Contribute to your life like you contribute to your 401K. Grow your person like you grow your portfolio.


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