Marielle Higler

Marielle Higler

This place is for all of us to create a better tomorrow. If my post strikes a chord with you, please share your comment. Our conversations here will strengthen our lives.

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About Marielle

My life in under 230 words:

Born in Hilversum, the Netherlands, middle child of five.

Went through high school and Schoevers’ secretarial and management support certification, worked four years in a multinational in different functions. Met my future husband in one of the oldest cafe’s in Amsterdam.

Moved to Lima, Peru to join husband. Spent ten years living on the beach while setting up and expanding plant nursery and landscaping business. Had two babies.

Moved to the States, marriage breaks up.

Managed ex-hubby’s thoroughbred horse farm and export management company in rural Upstate New York while raising the kids. Moved to Ithaca NY, set up company: house/pet sitting and non-medical home care, while kids went through University and entered work force.

Nest empty, rest of life looming without a good plan I chose to take a sabbatical. Closed company and apartment, set off for Florida and later Seattle to regroup and write book. (See Showing Up for the Golden Years; resetting the retirement mindset for the full story).

Published and promoted book, certified as money coach, and in the exciting first years of creating the Money Whisperer practice, marriage and companionship became a possibility. After 28 years of being single, I took it.

Moved to Cape Town, South Africa, got married, became grandmother, am in the process of adapting to totally new culture – climate – life style – friends, and new horizons.

My intentions for this website in 84 words:

After all these adventures not much remains the same except what really matters:

  • I strongly believe in the power of human resilience
  • If money rules most of our decisions we should understand it better
  • I am concerned about the fate of children and elders worldwide
  • As incoming elder I need to share my bit of accumulated wisdom
  • I love art and writing, always will.

So here I am, sharing, caring, painting, venting, and writing.



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